Feb 13, 2009

Research Proposal Approved

So I've finally been given the green light from Otago University which means that this blog and its twitter account are about to go wild!

Over the last few weeks I've read a hell of a lot of articles, been playing around with Linux and working on a solution for one of the Internets biggest issues, but if this wasn't enough life is about to get a whole lot more intense....interviews interviews interviews.

This coming Tuesday my first dummy interview will get underway, I'll be talking to Phil Osborne who is a prolific blog reader and a lecturer at Otago Uni. He'll be my guinea pig for my interviewing technique and research methodology.

So you can start getting excited coz by next Wednesday you can expect to be fully informed on anything important that transpires....

After that the Snowball will begin and I'll start posting regularly about the insights I gain from the people I talk to :)


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