Jan 24, 2009

A Readers Perspective on Corporate Blogs

If you've some how made your way to this blog then please know that I am just waiting on ethics approval from Otago University...then I will start diving into the world of corporate blogs, keeping you informed all the way!

FYI My research question:
Are the nine recommendations for corporate blogging identified by Cox et al (2008) a complete account of the important features that add value to a blog reader-company relationship?

Their nine (summarised) recommendations from their article "Blogs and the corporation: managing the risk, and reaping the benefits" are:

1. Using an Authentic Voice
2. Allow Comments but Monitor Them
3. Be Honest & Transparent,
4. Add Value/Offer Unique Opinions,
5. Referencing sources,
6. Welcome feedback
7. Don’t Patronise
8. Protect Confidential info
9. Use an Appropriate Disclaimer

Only time will tell whether these nine best practice recommendations hold true in the eyes of the blog reader. Buckle up coz it's guna be one hell of a ride


  1. Hi Sam

    Why did you specifically choose this study by Cox et al.? Any significant reason?

  2. Hey Adeline

    Great question...the reasons that I chose to use the Cox et al (2008) study are that it was written from a very practical perspective.

    I guess I'm a big fan of teh managerial school of thought and believe that marketing research should render practical results.

    I also think that it uses great wee case studies and that the list of nine best practice recommendations are good, but possibly not complete. I guess we will see whether I'm right on this one.

    Do you know of any other great lit that I should look at? If you were going to research something similar what article would you recommend using?